Into luxury interior design with Transforma and Preciosa

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Into luxury interior design with Transforma and Preciosa



An inspiring article about the project located in the Palm Jumeirah, 22 Carat Villas Community

Designers from Transforma Design Studio, together with the Preciosa company, designed an airy chandelier, the basis of which is made up of balls of different diameters and colors

The shape of the chandelier was carefully selected by the designers and echoes other interior elements such as stucco on the walls, the winder staircase and its railing.



The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE



"This is an impressive light – four metres tall and five metres wide. Four colours were chosen for the spheres: triplex opal, frosted honeycomb, frosted blush, and watercolour. Nearly 700 spheres in total make up the installation. It took some time to get the composition right, considering the suspensions to create the right level of transparency."





Luxury details from PRECIOSA


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